Rightshare is Live!

Vii Sundaram

It is now possible to share access to NFTs – lease, collaborate, advertise, experience – in a simple, trust-independent way. Live and on the mainnet.

The Lendroid team is happy and proud to launch Rightshare – a non-rent-seeking dApp that enables trust-independent access-sharing and collaboration for NFTs.

From here on, there are two options.

  1. Try and gently unspool this hyper-hyphenated description – A non-rent-seeking, trust-independent way that enables access-sharing and hyper-collaboration of NFTs by tokenizing the ownership and access of the NFTs into other NFTs with special properties like an expiry date. 
  2. Try it right now at rightshare.lendroid.com! It’s live and it works. There’s always someone at our Discord channel to chat and congratulate.  

We spoke about Rightsharing in unpretentious, juicy detail in a recent blog

What it means for NFTs

Say you have an NFT. You can either hold it, transfer it or sell it. If you want to share access to it – to collaborate, or co-build something – you will need to transfer the NFT, which means you don’t own it anymore. On the other side, say you want to ‘experience’ an NFT. The only way to do it is to buy one, or if someone trusts you enough to transfer it to you. There is no way to share access to an NFT today, to collaborate trustlessly.

As the NFT space expands, the trustless access and collaboration that Rightsharing enables becomes key to meaningful, decentralised scaling.

Serious about smart contracts

The Rightshare smart contracts are fully audited and verified by the diligent people at Quantstamp. We had a whale of a time working with them, making fixes and covering every line of code and testing for edge cases. The audit certificate is available here, but the process of collaboration, and some of the decisions we took during the audit, deserve a larger discussion of their own. Soon.

Integrating Rightshare into your dApp

Is very simple and straightforward. The .js file is available right here. Our github repo is up to date and can be accessed here

If you already have an existing UI, you can embed rightshare.js npm package directly from the link here.

If you are interested in hosting your own UI, spin up our template from this github repo, and customize it according to your needs.

A comprehensive developer documentation on the Javascript SDK and UI is available here.

Please do try Rightsharing and let us know what you think. It comes with a world of possibilities and we look forward to your ideas. 

Please find below the complete set of resources you would need.

1. Smart contracts :

Mainnet : RightsDao.sol, FRight.sol, IRight.sol

Rinkeby : RightsDao.sol, FRight.sol, IRight.sol

Github : https://github.com/lendroidproject/Rightshare-contracts

2. UI :
Mainnet : https://rightshare.lendroid.com

Rinkeby : https://rinkeby-rightshare.lendroid.com

Github : https://github.com/lendroidproject/Rightshare-ui

Documentation : https://lendroidproject.github.io/Rightshare-documentation/docs/ui

3. Javascript Library :

NPM : https://www.npmjs.com/package/rightshare-js

Github : https://github.com/lendroidproject/Rightshare-js

Documentation : https://lendroidproject.github.io/Rightshare-documentation/docs/library

4. Metadata api server :
Github: https://github.com/lendroidproject/Rightshare-metadata

For any additional information, feel free to chat with us on Discord, or connect with us on Twitter.

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