Lendroid and the Fascinating World of NFTs

Anand Venkateswaran

We built something beautiful and during the lockdown, found the perfect world for it to go live. Lendroid enters the NFT space with joy and awe.

We spent Valentine’s Day and the subsequent week in Denver, Colorado. ETH Denver was the chaotic, psychedelic experience we were promised. We had a ball, and here’s the evidence. But in that clear pre-spring air, we were also able to see another world in the distance. The world of NFTs.

It wasn’t just the conversations at ETH Denver. Conversations were mostly soaked in DeFi, but the build-up around NFTs was undeniable. But first things first. We were at the event to launch a brand new version of the protocol – Deleuze, a black swan resistant protocol. Powered by a new token standard we call multi fungible tokens, it manages risk in a transparent, clean way. As a first use case, we reimagined DeFi lending with the protocol. You can find the open source code (and UI!) at our GitHub Repo. We contemplated the long road ahead, resigned to a gentle adoption curve because of the many complex and moving parts in the protocol.

COVID-19 struck and the lockdown happened. As the world shut shop, a door to the world of NFTs opened up.

For anyone who has followed the space for a while, this much is clear; if DeFi is a blend of politics, socio-economics and finance, then the NFT space is all of these with an exciting garnish of culture and art. Art or collectibles or land on the blockchain evokes an emotional, visceral response. And unlike fungible masses of cryptocurrencies, there is so much subjective uniqueness in NFTs. And this gives that market a kind of resilience atypical of crypto.

An NFT is a tokenized experience. A Cryptovoxels or AsyncArt or Superrare or Opensea is where you live the crypto life. Where you share, and transact experiences. And any space in crypto where transactions take place deserves trustlessness and transparency. That’s where Lendroid comes in.

We took a slice out of our DeFi financial engine, and popped it under the hood of a concept that fit so neatly with NFTs it felt like destiny. We call it Rightsharing. Trustless, transferable leasing of NFTs. That’s right. Not selling or holding or giving away, but a way to share the experience even as the owner preserves the access rights.

But more on that in a couple of days. There’s so much good stuff we’ve built and we can’t wait to share it. This is the first dApp based on Multi Fungible Tokens. The first instance of the Deleuze version of the Lendroid protocol. And represents a new beginning in the NFT space. Try it when we launch it, and have fun. There’s an insane amount of that with NFTs.

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