Electrifying Cryptovoxels with Volti Towers Rentals

Anand Venkateswaran

Powered by a Lendroid smart contract, you can now rent a place in Volti Towers, a spectacular build next door to the mayor of Gangnam, in the heart of Origin city. A metaverse dream, realised by ChiefMonkey, AlottaMoney and Conlan.

You get to live in the heart of Gangnam, the cultural core of cryptovoxels. You get exclusive experiences and NFT giveaways. You get to live next door from Conlan, Mayor of Gangnam ;-). Cryptovoxels rentals are here to stay, and they’re powered by Lendroid’s smart contracts. 

“It takes a critical mass of three forces to come together to create a hotspot – investors (in the land), developers, and creators,” said Conlan, the first trust-independent tenant in the metaverse. In the Volti Towers story, ChiefMonkey is the investor, AlottaMoney the inimitable developer and Conlan the creator/tenant. Incidentally, he is also the first to rent out a space in Cryptovoxels. “I literally leased my parcel for a dollar a month. ETH was then $105, and I leased it to ShortCut for .01 or something.” 

Voxel rentals have been part of the metaverse conversation for sometime now. It just makes perfect sense. And Volti Towers is that metaverse dream realised in all its neon glory. 

Renting a virtual space will be an ideal option for those wanting extra flexibility. While buying a parcel will involve some serious saving and commitment to the Metaverse, renting will make it easier for people and companies to have a virtual presence,” says AlottaMoney.

ChiefMonkey laces the proposition with some honey. “Money and I are going to be looking after our guests. Don’t be surprised if a token appears in your room attached to a physical piece of laser cut crypto art. You might just get something from the virtual world turn up in real life AND/OR you might get an Alotta_Money original NFT!”

To Conlan, renting simply makes sense. “It’s online, it’s multiplayer, and it is an excellent showcase for whatever you need. Your wearables, your collection, a space for your meetups. For geography to really matter in the metaverse, those three actors need to come together and that can happen only through rentals.” 

Limited Supply, Unlimited Possibilities

In the case of virtual worlds, Cryptovoxels has proved that digital assets like land gain value when there is unique activity around them. As AlottaMoney puts it, in Gangnam there is “life all around, a place where your eyes are never bored, shops are open 24/7 as is the bar and the rooftop.”

That’s not all. The vibrant activity in the area creates micro-economies around advertising, wearables, and events like the weekly WIP meetup hosted by Matthew. 

This kind of value creation needs to be backed by a limited supply. Otherwise, the forces needed to create a hotspot are spread too thin and won’t converge often enough.  

“The metaverse is technically infinite, so it’s essentially that there is a truly finite cut off point… when there is, demand will outstrip supply, prices of parcels will settle at a natural free market level, and renting is a perfect facility for those who’d like to try before they buy, or wish to be more transient. It also allows people to have a foothold somewhere without a massive upfront payout,” says ChiefMonkey. 

Apart from the economics, renting is a way to share the true ‘metaverse experience’ that virtual worlds are based on. “I’ve been dreaming of virtual worlds since text based games on Commodore 64 and I’ve been staring at the constant progress since. Knowing that now it is a reality and that I am part of the adventure is as sweet as unreal.” says AlottaMoney. 

About Time

The trio are excited and more than ready to kick rentals off for real in the metaverse.

“I feel great about being the first tenant, but also impatient. More than half of Origin City is being squatted on and instead of expanding the space, we ought to encourage hot spots. Why is no one doing this yet?” 

And rentals not just of land parcels or built up spaces. “I’d like to see people renting statues, vehicles, decorations for special events. Also maybe renting talents or skills, a DJ for four hours, an artist for a live performance, or a builder for a 250m² space,” muses AlottaMoney.

And ChiefMonkey says, “Well I could list any number of digital assets, but I think when it evolves into more natural human functions like live art, coding skills, design skills, renting an AI bot that writes code for you, things get interesting.”

From the Lendroid team, here’s to Volti Towers and the intrepid trio who kicked off renting properly in a world we have come to know and love. 

To explore parcels for rent, contact ChiefMonkey or AlottaMoney. You can check out Rightshare.lendroid.com to rent out your NFTs (connect wallet, pick NFT, set rental expiry, and you’re on your way). 
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