Architecting a fair, antifragile ecosystem on the blockchain, one financial instrument at a time.

What we are

Lendroid is a crypto-economic foundation registered in Singapore. We are a team of coders, designers and doers crafting financial protocols that are exclusive to the blockchain. We started with reimagining the flow of risk and value in lending. Our off-white paper (out soon) talks about the inspiration behind the protocol, and details the complex token engineering under the hood. Meanwhile, do take a look at our first whitepaper, published in 2017, to get a sense of the ecosystem and our own coordinates at that time.


What was the seed of an idea in Early 2017 is now the enterprise behind the only antifragile financial system on the blockchain. We owe our survival and growth to a constancy in intent – to remain cutting edge, open source and non-rent-seeking; as well as in integrity – to remain proactively compliant at every step. See complete historical timeline.


Our brand guidelines are about making sure that our brand looks and speaks the same across all media. Please help us keep its spirit.