Decentralized digital asset lending platform

Lendroid marketplace enables borrowers to avail instant low-cost digital asset loans and lenders to earn interest on digital assets they lend, all on-chain. Additionally, Lendroid support token (LST) holders act as guarantors of these loans by locking up their LSTs as secondary collateral. Lendroid support token(LST) is the native token of the Lendroid protocol.

Borrowers borrow an Ethereum ERC20 token (like ETH, USD-DC, etc.) by pledging another Ethereum ERC20 token (like REP, SNGLS, etc.).

The whitepaper discusses in detail the protocol that defines the architecture and mechanisms of a on-chain loan marketplace that handles optimum collateral level discovery, interest rate discovery, fund arrangement, collateral health management, and settlement for digital asset loans.

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Vignesh sundaresan

Vignesh Sundaresan

Lead and Architect

Ned Nadima

Ned Nadima


Vii Sundaram

Vii Sundaram

Smart contract engineer