Wipe Out

A day in the life of a crypto borrower

Antifragile financial systems
on the blockchain


The first ever protocol to support large volume token swaps, liquidity mining and NFT-based governance, without breaking!

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It is now possible to share access to NFTs – lease, collaborate, advertise, experience – in a simple, trust-independent way.

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NFTs created by tokenizing one or more ‘attributes’ of an NFT. A nifty way to share conditional access without sharing ownership.

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Fixed cost, cyclical, antifragile lending. No more ad-hoc liquidation of collateral, no more death by flash crashes.

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A code ode to the wonderful MakerDAO community. ReloanR was the first secondary market for DAI.

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The new
financial ecosystem


Pick from a range of business models. Lend risk free, run ‘Harbour’ or ‘High Water’ liquidity pools, underwrite loans for a fee.


The entire ecosystem, including the UI, is open source. Launch your own lending dApp with ease.


The devs get fully audited smart contracts. Users experience the most transparent, sustainable distribution of risk, ever.